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Do you see what you are looking for? If yes, send me a message HERE and if you don't see what you are looking for, please reach out to me and let me know what you are looking for. Just because it isn't listed doesn't mean it can't be done. :)

Every business is unique and needs a different amount of hours.

Whether it is a complete Social Media Branding, Listing/Buyer Presentations, Feature Sheets, social media management, administration help, graphic design, video editing and more, we can create a custom plan to fit your needs.



Select from various different plans below to help you with your business needs. If you need more or fewer hours, please reach out HERE and set up a time to chat and create a custom plan that suits your business needs. 

Pay as you go is $45 per hour + HST.

Prices do not include HST

Basic package (1).png

Basic Plan

10 Hours a Month

This is a great package for a client with a busy schedule and needs part-time help with their social media, admin tasks, and more.


Basic package.png

Intermediate Plan

20 Hours a Month

If you need someone 5 hours a week or want to spread it out on the days your need more help to keep up with admin work, social media and more, this plan may be perfect for your business needs.


Basic package (3).png

Advanced Plan

30 Hours a Month

If you find yourself running non-stop and need lots of extra help, this gives you a social media expert, admin help, and more Mon - Fri on the days you need it the most.


Graphic Design - Virtual Applied.png

Graphic Design

$65 hour

Graphic design for Postcard mailouts, posters, menus, feature sheet template designs, custom designed templates, covers, 

banners, business cards, thank you cards and other occasions and more.

PowerPoint - Virtual Applied.png

PowerPoint Presentations

$55 hour

Bring your presentations to life with custom designed Listing/Buyer presentations for real estate, sales presentations, other informational presentations for events and more.

Social Media packages - Virtual Applied.png

Social Media packages

Branded social media posts created for your business! 

5 Social Media Posts - 2 image posts, 2 Carousel post & 1 Videos


10 Social Media Posts - 4 image posts, 4 Carousel post & 2 Videos


15 Social Media Posts - 6 image posts, 6 Carousel post & 3 Videos


20 Social Media Posts - 8 image posts, 8 Carousel post & 4 Videos


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