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I have learned a lot along the way and my skills have grown with each year. I attained my business degree in Nova Scotia, where I am originally from and worked for 4 years as an administrative assistant, and I also worked in accounts payable and receivables.

They would quite often put me in positions when needed during holidays and sick days, so this gave me a great opportunity to versify my skills working in a variety of departments such as; merchandising, accounting, reception and filling in for the executive secretary for the president of the company.


It was a fun job!

As time went on and we had to move, I finally decided I wanted to start my own company… I mean why not, I was already multi-tasking for the past 4 years! I dove into graphic design and social media courses and read anything I could get my hands on to do with social media and marketing. 

So I took the plunge and Virtual Applied was born.

I have seen our client list grow to include a range of small to medium-sized organizations, not-for-profit groups, and more. Our clients consist of real estate agents, Pharmacies, a variety of life coaches, health industries, lawyers, doctors, mortgage brokers, household services a variety of retail chains, the pet industry and even a few celebrities! We have been busy!

I am humbled to have such wonderful clients to work with.

I don’t believe in a “one-size-fits-all” model for each of our clients. Each client has a unique perspective, story, and challenge. My focus is to understand those unique aspects of each client engagement and tailoring my solutions to provide the best overall value.

I seek to be hands-on and working in a collaborative manner with all of my clients working hard to help each organization succeed.

I always like to start with a conversation so let’s have a CHAT! For a FREE, no-obligation, initial

call just click HERE or click the Contact Us button below.

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Wonderful Experience

Brenda is incredible at her craft.  She really knows how to personalize your business and make it visually attractive to your potential clients!  She has worked on my social media, and on several personal projects.  Every time she delivers, and every time her work is well received.  Great person, great value, I will be using her more and you should too!

Tanya Laughlin

The Mortgage Advisors 

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