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Throughout my professional journey, I have gained valuable knowledge and my skills have consistently grown each year. Originally from Nova Scotia, I obtained my business degree there and spent four years working as an administrative assistant. During this time, I also took on responsibilities in accounts payable and receivables.

One of the aspects I enjoyed about my previous role was the flexibility it offered. Whenever the need arose, whether it was during holidays or sick days, I would often step in to fill various positions in departments such as merchandising, accounting, reception, and even temporarily assuming the role of the executive secretary for the company president. This not only allowed me to showcase my skills but also provided a great opportunity for personal growth.

I must say, it was a fun job!

As life progressed and circumstances changed, my desire to start my own company grew stronger. After all, I had already been multitasking for the past four years! With that in mind, I immersed myself in graphic design and social media courses, eagerly absorbing any knowledge related to social media and marketing that I could get my hands on. 

"So I took the plunge and Virtual Applied was born."


As time passed and circumstances led us to relocate, I decided to embark on a new path by starting my own company. After all, I had already become a master of multitasking during my previous roles! I immersed myself in graphic design and social media courses and devoured any content related to social media and marketing.


It has been an exciting and fulfilling journey, and I continue to enthusiastically expand my skills in the dynamic world of entrepreneurship.

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Wonderful Experience

Brenda is incredible at her craft.  She really knows how to personalize your business and make it visually attractive to your potential clients!  She has worked on my social media, and on several personal projects.  Every time she delivers, and every time her work is well received.  Great person, great value, I will be using her more and you should too!

Tanya Laughlin

The Mortgage Advisors 

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