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Virtual Applied's Portfolio

Over the years, Virtual Applied has been fortunate to collaborate with a diverse range of exceptional clients. Throughout our journey, we have served as community managers, social media managers, graphic designers, content curators, project managers, administrative assistants, real estate assistants, and much more.


Below is a glimpse into some of the remarkable projects that Virtual Applied has successfully completed for our valued clients.


Spring forward Orlene back postcard 5 x 7 (8.5 × 5 in)
popcorn postcard
Neighbour postcard - Orlene Campbell (8.5 × 5 in)
Dec Post Card - Joanne (8 × 5 in)
Need the Scoop Postcard - Krista
Mar  Post Card - Joanne
_CROP MARKS Popcorn card - Orlene (6 x 4 in)
December Postcard - Krista   (8.5 × 5.5 in)


Christmas Card Tree Virtual Applied (1)
Birthday Day Card Virtual Applied
Lab Christmas Card - Orlene (1)
Christmas Card Tree Virtual Applied
Thank you Card Virtual Applied
Butter Tart Card


In addition, we have developed an assortment of listings and buying presentations for real estate agents, utilizing both digital and manual formats. Furthermore, we have produced a wide range of content for social media, including static graphics, videos, reels, stories, and customized branding for various social media platforms.

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